Team Highlights

Patricia Reyes

The founder of RESI.  Patricia has decades of experience in management and procurement, all related to yummy food.  Her work with large brands such as UCLA, Pepsi Co, Guckenheimer and Marriott made her well respected in her field.  She wishes to give back to her community for all the wonderful success she has experienced and provide local restaurant businesses with even greater opportunities.

Craig St. Louis

A highly dedicated Food &  Beverage Industry professional with four decades of service, encompassing management, culinary arts, space planning, project management, and equipment operations. He is valued for creating innovative strategic plans and implementing complex high dollar projects within budget. He is passionate about optimizing  ROI on equipment and space costs. Craig has successfully filled many roles as an Associate Director and Food & Beverage Director throughout his infamous career. He has a gift for getting people to willingly put forth their very best effort,  a quintessential team leader.

Wing Ng

Wing Ng is a skilled Gen Y marketing professional with a burst of personality.   Her understanding of the virtual world provides pathways to reach those who are seeking your business’s exact menu.  She can also custom tailor innovative methods that will complement  your existing business.

Lisa Pandolfini

Lisa Pandolfini is a Marketing and Business Development Executive with 15 years’ experience ranging across Hospitality, Chain Restaurants/Retail, Consumer Goods and Non-Profits. Her fearless entrepreneurial spirit has helped her create new business models, product lines and strategic partnerships that have grown sales substantially wherever she goes.

Mike Hatfield, CCC

With fifteen years of outstanding culinary arts achievement, this Chef  has the gift of  passion. Specializing in premium high volume venues, he has provided his  culinary  precision  to the premium food venues for the San Diego Padres. Mike spent  part of his career as a Hotel and Country Club Chef, rounding out his culinary experience in Southern California.



Rachel Manzoor

A successful entrepreneur, Rachel was the creator of Elysee Cafe. At the pentacle of Westwood dining popularity this cafe was in its prime, and still doing well two decades later as a popular dining spot. Rachel has worked in the packaging industry specifically geared for retail restaurants for over a decade, she understands the complexities of managing a brand packaging program. She is a sustainable packaging expert and can guide a company through the transition process of going green.


Christopher Sebastian

A former Southern California local business owner, Chris saw the struggles of running a restaurant first hand.  His delicatessen was the talk of the town! After years within the restaurant industry, he studied in business and gained even more professional knowledge to provide businesses with functional and sustainable solutions to their challenges.  Now, he is here to support those with dreams like his.