“Educate”, “Inform”, “Inspire”, these words were the seeds that sprouted into our company, Restaurant Enhancement Solutions & Innovations (RESI) – a local business aimed to help other local businesses. The restaurant industry is competitive, but it is filled with potential. This is especially true in culturally diverse Southern California. The creativity from our area amazes the world, constantly setting delicious food trends that flourish throughout the world. Yet, some of this creativity and potential can often be overlooked.

The idea has been in the mind of our founder Patricia Reyes for many years before it solidified in 2016 into the RESI we see now. With a pride for our local businesses, Patricia wanted to provide innovative and long lasting solutions to the challenges in operation. She wanted to provide the space needed for creative business owners to keep chasing their dreams. Our team is comprised of decades of experience in restaurant, catering, packaging, marketing and consulting industries. They have come together after years of collaboration to create what they believe to be one of the most valuable contribution to their community, RESI.