Spotting “Sustainable” Scams.

RESI Tidbits: Procurement

I was told that I had managed the highest volume single stop produce business in Los Angeles. I never verified that statement, but anyway the volume was pretty high.  And of course the higher the volume is, the higher the boots must be.

Don’t nix your existing supplier when some politically correct and well connected produce company comes in with a slick advertising campaign touting sustainability.  Ask for their distribution business model and compare it to your existing supplier, often times you will find the new company mirrors the same process as the old.  Work with your existing supplier first, redefine what you want in terms of sourcing for your location. Don’t assume that they can’t adjust their process for you. Often times you will get what you want without the pains of on-boarding a new supplier and you’ll develop a stronger relationship with the company you have a history with.

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