RESI Tidbits: Holiday Buffet Side Dishes


If you looking for a few simple holiday buffet side dish ideas, Bob’s Red Mill has a, “Whole Grain Every Day Cookbook.” I have not tried every recipe, the ones I experimented with about a year ago turned out nicely while doing a little Pro Bono home kitchen R&D for a non-profit organization. Yes, I confess I tested recipes at home. With start-up clients and funding on its way, (the reality of start-ups) you do what you can with what you’ve got, right? How many of you have done something similar?

Bob’s Red Mill is an employee owned Company, as I recall Bob Moore turned the company over to his employees, so few fairy tale stories like this around now-a-days. I guess I am still a romantic at heart. If you are purchasing for a restaurant, they do offer wholesale discount prices.

Here’s an article on employee ownership for very small businesses and the benefits of this business model, just click here to learn more.

If you try any of the recipes from Bob’s Red Mill, let us know how they turned out.  The homegrown Southern California Consulting Group.

*RESI Tidbits is a series of discussions on all things related to the restaurant business written by Patricia Reyes, providing some light and easy to read insights on what you can do to make your business better.

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