Grand Opening Complimentary Consulting.

RESI Restaurant Enhancement Services and Ideas.

Grand Opening Complimentary Consulting:

As a new restaurant consulting business created to help local businesses, we are seeking a local Southern California food business owner who desires a front of the house makeover.  The consultation and execution will be free of charge, we simply require a minimum budget of $4,000 USD. Owner will be conferred prior to each purchase, all payments will be paid directly to suppliers by the restaurant owner.  Please allow three days for the renovation to take place.  5+ volunteers equaling 8 hours per day during this three day period is desired. Volunteer duties may involve moving furniture, painting, cleaning dining area, etc.  The project will be documented and utilized for RESI marketing purposes. 

RESI is operated by an experienced team.  Our founder has been in the business for decades renovating restaurants, remodeling 27 restaurants in 7 states within a short period of two and a half years.  The remodeled restaurants at the time generated over 30% increase in revenue on average.  Rest assured that your restaurant will be in good hands with RESI.


Send us an email to with front of the house photos and menu.  Attach a daily sales estimate for ease of reference.  We will decide on a candidate by Oct 15, 2016.

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